Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Swap!

I am so excited to share with you the product I received from Miss Schinke at Keeping Up with First Grade! She gave me a GORGEOUS set of Writing Work Station writing pages! They are absolutely perfect for grades K-2!
This adorable pack of lined paper includes B&W and Color originals for each month of the year and each holiday! The pack even includes June, July, and August. If your school isn't in session year long, these are perfect to include in your summer packet!
Look how adorable these pages are! They just kept printing and printing! There's enough to last you all year and keep your students excited and engaged in writing!
These are wonderful! Brittany even included a page with a blank header so the teacher can add his/her own clipart or topic....or maybe the students could even fill that in with a title and topic of their choice!!
Another thing I love about these pages is the number of lines for writing! At one point this past year, I was using paper with just a few lines; and I was disappointed that my kindergarten students were only writing a few basic sentences. A colleague recommended I provide them with paper containing more lines. She said they would naturally feel the need to write more to fill up the space. Boy was she right!! I gave the students more room to right, and they were using their creativity to write six or more detailed sentences!

Brittany has even more wonderful things to offer in here TpT store! I highly recommend you head on over and follow her there! More than that, I love, Love, LOVE her blog!! Her blog is warm and full of terrific, practical ideas for the classroom! Brittany teaches with a lot of heart, and that is evident in every post! I loved her recent post about how to design popsicle sticks (used to call on students randomly and equally) to go with the classroom theme! I'm definitely using that idea! Keeping Up with First Grade is a must-follow blog!

Finally, I want to thank Jessica for hosting this product swap! What a wonderful idea! To see reviews of all the products visit her blog


Jessica Ann Stanford said...

I agree! Great product and a must follow!!!

✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
I hope you enjoyed the swap enough to join us again next time around :) the form is on our main post :) ❤

Melissa, DillyDabbles said...

Cute and fun paper always helps the creative mind get going. Cute!

Heidi said...

Ooo that paper looks great!!! I love having things like that on hand. Great review.

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Miss Schinke's First Grade Blog said...

Thanks Becca for the great post and being my swappy buddy! I'm excited myself to get to put my new product to use in my classroom this year! Hope you enjoy it!

Love Ya,

Keeping Up With First Grade

Kristen Crisp said...

The writing paper is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

What a great idea about using more lines. I never thought that the paper I was using would either hinder or increase the amount of writing I would get from my kiddos. Thank you for the tip!

I do, We Do, You Do!

Anonymous said...

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