Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Question(s) of the Day

Phew! I think it's safe to say that I'm officially back in the swing of things! I have the privilege of directing Vacation Bible School at my church. When I say privilege, I'm not being sarcastic. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the kids in the community, and it is a blast spending time with them. That being said, I'm up to my eyeballs in shopping lists, to-do lists, decorations, and lesson plans! Our VBS starts next week, and I just can't stop planning...true teacher fashion, I suppose.

In addition, I have training on Thursday and Friday for our new reading curriculum. My district has just adopted Success for All for kindergarten, and my head is spinning at the idea of overhauling my daily schedule. However, I'm determined to keep a positive attitude!

Anyway, as I have been laying awake at night going over my lists and mapping out my new schedule I realized that I need some support. Lucky for me, I know just where to find that support. Yep, this is where you come in! I have some questions, and I would love your feedback!

First, a friend of mine just received her first job teaching 3rd grade. She asked if I could recommend any good blogs to follow that would give her ideas for language arts and reading. Sooo.....if you are a 3rd grade teacher or if you know a 3rd grade teacher, would you please leave the link so I can pass it along? That would be awesome!!

Second, I would like some advice. My school has a building-wide behavior system that is color coded. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this type of behavior plan. I have been able to use this system effectively over the years, but I'm just not married to it. While I can't completely trash it, I might be able to subtly *tweak* it in my classroom. (Shhhhhh!) I have read about other color-coded behavior systems that are more of a spectrum allowing students to move up when behavior is above and beyond or down when behavior needs some work. Unfortunately, I don't know where I was reading about it so I can't give proper credit. However, I will tell you it is not my original idea. My system already includes colors that represent negative consequences, but I think I would like to add colors that represent positive consequences. Soooo.....have you ever used a similar color system? And, do you think it was effective in promoting positive behavior....which is/should be the goal of any system?

I hope you'll take some time to share some feedback! With my BFF
out in the boonies and completely unwired, I am lacking someone with whom I can bounce ideas! Your help is truly appreciated! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to get back to my lists.....#283 Make name tags.....


Stephanie said...

Are talking about the clip chart management system- kids clip up or down? If so I use it and I *love* it!! Four years ago when I was a 1st year teacher all the K-2 teachers in my school were doing red, yellow, green cards and the kids flipped their card when they were not following rules. Well I had one of THOSE classes, the ones with the reputation around the school, and not a good one. sigh. So I mentioned to my AP that I didn't really like the system because once they flipped they were less motivated to behave better. So he told me if I didn't love it I needed to find something I did. Enter the clip chart and like I said, I love it because it focuses on the positive while still addressing the negative as needed. As far as I know THIS is the link to the originator of the idea. I've got a blog post coming up about my clip chart very soon!

❤- Stephanie
Falling Into First

Erica said...

Hi there new friend! I found you blog. It's super cute! I am crazy about VBS too. I think it's oodles of fun.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

I am your newest follower.

Mrs. Polston said...

I changed to the revised clip char this last year and it was wonderful. I could reward those students that are just always doing what you ask of them. It also motivated the others to try a bit harder with making better choices. And can I just say when I had a sub and the clips were moving up A LOT boy were they well behaved. I hope you can find a way to work the positive into your class next year!