Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Writing Station

Another station my students visit daily in pairs is our writing station. The beautiful desk that is perfect for two is from Lakeshore Learning; and yes, it was also donated by DonorsChoose.org! At our writing station I have placed a variety of writing tools, a variety of paper and blank books, and various picture dictionaries. I've also created a book with a photo of each student in our class with her/his name below so the students can reference it to write each other letters while at the writing station. The students have free choice about what they write, but we discuss as a class the importance of practicing our writing here rather than our drawing. If the students get off-task and are spending more time on their illustrations, I will simply ask them, "Is your writing or your drawing getting better right now?" It reminds them that if they want their writing to improve, they must practice it.

Unfortunately, the physical environment of our classroom does not allow us to have the writing station below our word wall. For that reason, I put seasonal and anchor charts above the writing station for the students to reference. I change them based on the needs and interests of my students. You may also be able to see that the bulletin board above the writing station is covered with fabric. I only use fabric on my bulletin boards, and it is a tip I was given by one of my cooperating teachers in college. Fabric doesn't fade, and it gives the bulletin board a very fresh, clean look!

We're not through yet! Stop by tomorrow to find out about another work station from our classroom!

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